I teach courses in media and speech law, media writing and production, interactive/digital media and public relations. My general approach to teaching is to create an environment where students are not afraid to challenge themselves – and learn from their failures as well as their successes.

COM/JMC 125: Writing for Mass Media

Writing for Mass Media is an introductory-level course intended to give students hands-on experience with media writing. Students work on a developing story in class as well as a multimedia package on a topic of their own choosing. We stress solid writing essentials, critical thinking, information gathering and core news values.

COM/JMC126H: Writing for Digital Media

In this honors-level course, students explore the research on digital media literacy and the different ways people engage with web-first texts. They produce 4-5 issues of Through the Curtain, a site dedicated to localizing major media stories to a Whitworth audience.

COM/JMC 244: Publicity and Public Relations

What does it mean to be a persuasive communicator? How do we share our message efficiently and effectively with the audiences who need to hear it? Where does creativity, law and ethics fit in? We tackle all these topics and more in this hands-on approach to modern PR. This course has a strong service-learning component as students create, pitch, enact and assess a PR campaign for an area nonprofit.

COM/JMC 335: Interactive Journalism

Historically, mass communication has been largely one-way: the reporters speak and the audiences listen. As we get more and more information from online sources (web, social and other), audiences expect more control over their choices of information and the path they take to knowledge. Today’s communicators, both informative and persuasive, need to continue to share information while respecting this new communication paradigm. In this class, we’ll explore the what and why of interactive communication, culminating in producing online publications of their own.

COM/JMC 402: Media Law

Also known as, “How I learned to stop worrying and love the First Amendment.” This is a professionally oriented law course intended to give students working knowledge of media law so that they can identify and avoid potential legal conflicts.

COM 403/SP 402: Freedom and Responsibility of Speech

This course differs from JMC 402 in that it focuses on speech freedoms as opposed to press freedoms, and incorporates a healthy dose of First Amendment theory with discussions of law. “Why” we have free speech is every bit as important as “how” free speech works in our society. Prepare to delve, discuss and debate the mystery and wonder that is the constitutional right to free speech. Visit our collaborative project at

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