Bake your own bread

Bake your own bread

Everyone should learn how to bake bread.

Yes, this is relevant to this blog.

About a year ago, I made the decision to stop purchasing store-made bread and starting making my own. At first it was novel, fun. I tried different recipes, played with different places around the house for optimal rising and eagerly watched online videos on optimal kneading methods.

After awhile, though, it became something I had to find time for — from start to finish, homemade bread is about a four-hour process. Not every loaf was a success, and the “duds” were hard to swallow (literally). From time to time I wondered why I was adding more to my already full plate when I could just run down to the store and buy a pre-made loaf.

But there’s a lot you can learn from the process. When you see how something is made, you understand it far better. You use it more wisely. And you see ways to improve it.

For the same reasons, I believe every college student should take a media writing class. This world of messages that surrounds us all is created deliberately and strategically. We can simply sit back and absorb it, or we can explore how it’s made, and by doing so, use it more effectively. Whether you’re an avid reader of the New York Times online or Us Weekly or whatever pops up on Facebook, we are all audiences. Learning how those messages are made makes us stronger, smarter, active audiences.

Bake your own bread to feed your body. Learn how media messages are created to feed your mind.

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